1970-1978 DATSUN 240/260/280 Z- CAR (Fairlady z) COILOVER SUSPENSION Kit


CAtunedĀ 1970-1978 DATSUN 240/260/280 Z- CAR (Fairlady z) COILOVER SUSPENSION Kit

Super Sport damper has eliminated discomfort resulted from bumps or rough roads. The damper enables you to adjust the ride height and has 30-way damping adjustment. In other words, your car with this system can be set to meet all different road conditions. This high performance damper is suitable for both weekend race and daily use. Please Note: CAtuned holds no liablity & by buying this product you accept this as off road only product.

FRONTĀ 6KG/336 & REAR 6KG/336

Alternative springs rates are available. Please contact us for more info.

While these units are performance based they will allow the car to be slamd if desired.

Please allow 6 weeks for manufacturing. We will try and get them done in 3 weeks. But depending when in our production stage you order these it maybe quicker or longer wait times.

International shipping is available. Please select box.

Top of the line sport damper.
Monotube design, and lightweight aluminum bottom mount.
Full ride height adjustable.
30-way adjustable dampening to be used on different road conditions and weekend race.
We are not responsible if you install your set wrong.

Please note: Once product is welded, installed we will not accept a return. All returns must be authorized before return shipping. Shipping cost is paid by the buyer. Individual parts are not sold.

Individual parts are available please email for details or to ask questions.

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