A Look at the #12 US RWB Porsche

CAtuned had the honor of being at the Fatlace/Illest Location for the latest USA RWB Porsche Build. 

If you've never seen a RWB Porsche in person, you are missing out. 

Pictures cannot do the car justice. The added wide body, rear spoiler and overall apperience of the car is breathtaking. 



The color is amazing. It changes depending on light from a blue to a violet or purple hue. 



Watching Nakai-San working on this creation was interesting. There wasn't a checklist of items to see. 

But he knew exactly what he was doing without questioning whether or not it would work. It was skill. You either have it or you don't. 

This was a well executed plan in his mind, with time for food, drinks, and smokes. 




Another interesting thing to notice is the lack of stress. It's not uncommon for a build to get out of hand and for tempers to flare. 

This was nothing like that. It was very much a relaxed look, with smiles around and joking constantly. 



The install of the windshield banner was the final touch to highlight the finish of the car.


 It was a total honor to meet Nakai-San. A man of few words. We hope to meet again on a future build. 




Special thanks to: Fatlace/ Illest, RWB Family for letting us experience the build. 

Pictures & Words by: Igor Polishchuk

Posted by Igor Polishchuk


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