Asthetik Handles Compatible with E28, E21, Bavaria, M1

Handles are fully machined with 3D-milled rounded edges to match OEM contours and shape.

Asthetik Handles Compatible with E28, E21, Bavaria (e3) & M1 applications.

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After the E30 handles were so well received, we wanted to do something similar for the E28 vehicles. We learned a lot from the E30 handle and applied that to the new design along, with continuing to explore new elements. Along with E21 and E3 fitment, the E28 handles also happen to be used on a BMW M1 and we hope that perhaps a set will find its way to an M1 enthusiast.

Much like the OEM E30 handles, these too are cast aluminum from the factory. The geometry on these parts is a bit more unique and we took advantage of that to work more with CNC 3D surfacing and curvature.

The Ästhetik E28 handle is a more minimal version of the OEM design. The front face is unified into a streamlined curved surface that really blends in the with the body lines. The leading and trailing edges of the handle taper down to the door surface, much like the OEM parts.

The CNC machined part receives a finishing surface treatment and is black anodized for a subtle look. The signature Ästhetik halftone pattern is CNC milled in as the last step along with the laser engraved markings on the back.

These handles ship with new mounting screws and lock washers as well as small rubber bumpers, installed on the handles. Please note - that some vehicles have the bumpers on the doors themselves, thus making the rubber stop on the handle redundant. In those cases, just remove the bumper from the handle for a perfect fit.

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