CAtuned Black Headliner Material Compatible with E30 M3 Only

Manufacturer: CAtuned

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We have been installing new headliners in to classic BMW cars for years.

And since BMW no longer makes headliner material. We decided that we can.

Is your headliner ripped? or sagging? or mising missing pieces.

Then you should replace it and make it look better then it ever did.

This is made exactly like the factory. With sown in belt loops for the retaining rods.

We should tell you that front and rear glass need to come out to do this job properly.

We also glue all the edges in and remove the sunroof.

Professional installation is suggested but not required.

It typically takes 2 days to do 1 headliner the correct way. Or if you have someone that knows what they are doing and is helping you could be done quicker.

This is a very high end quality black material. Same one we use here in the shop.

We have had years of use out of these and love them.

You get 1 kit that will allow you to do one headliner and 1 sunroof. 

The kit is exactly how the factory designed it. We do how ever give you extra material on all of the edges so that you can easily over lap or cut off the access.

The headliner also has everything sown in as needed and you can install the metal rods through the sown in loops. So it's just like the factory.

And if shipping internationally please select that option.

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