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A Proper Palette: Revelocity 2014

Five o’ clock a.m. My alarm typically sounds pretty peaceful, but this early in the morning, it sounds like a jackhammer. I’m not one who usually enjoys waking up at ungodly morning hours, but when it’s for a good cause, like a car show, it’s worth it. 

This year was Revelocity’s first run through as a full on show. It’s easy to see that a lot of hard work went on behind the scenes to make the show happen, and while it was rather small compared to most shows I attend, it was fun. 

There was an indoor show floor, where many of the vendors were found, as well as the Reach Out Worldwide booth. They were set up with two of Paul Walker’s collection cars: his white Supra and white R34 GT-R. Outside the building, there was a wide variety of cars posted for show. We saw a couple of familiar faces, and a lot of new ones. The group ranged from the Martini Racing R35, a monstrous GT-40, a RWB Porsche, to e30s and classic American muscle. Needless to say, while it wasn’t an enormous display, there was plenty to look at. 


Something special about this show (for us, at least) was the fact that we had entered Dustin’s 510 as a display car. The Dime has only seen parking lot meets and highway cruises, never any official shows. Not for any particular reason, other than the fact that Dustin just hasn’t gotten around to showing it. We were lucky enough to land a spot inside the building, mere feet away from Paul’s gorgeous cars. We were also part of a Datsun lineup, featuring our friend JT’s SR22DET 240Z, as well as Mason’s 240Z. 

In addition to the show cars, there were some pretty powerful presences in the vendor booths. One of which included the infamous Green Hornet car which had a pretty price tag of $150k, if I remember correctly. Come on, who wouldn’t want to cruise down the street with two fake machine guns sticking out from your hood? (Actually, it’s probably best that you don’t do that…)

Another special appearance at the Toyo booth was David’s monstrous rocket bunny R35. At this point, I expect to see this car at just about every big show there is. And that’s not a bad thing at all. Every time I see it, it seems that something new has been added. This equates to its menacing appearance growing, well, even more menacing. 

As for the show cars, the car that stood out most for me was Adam Mao’s purple 2JZ swapped Lexus. I got the chance to hang out with Adam in our circle of friends, and I got just a taste of the hard work that went into this build. The paint and Voltex wing are flaked with gold, and it’s really something you need to see in person. Now, I know what you’re thinking: stance machine. But this car isn’t necessarily a hard parker. Adam built this car to be set up for the track. Yes, he drifts this purple monster as often as he can. And when you’re putting down a respectable 624whp, with 542tq at 24psi, it just seems like the right thing to do. Needless to say, this car is a beautiful balance of form and function. 

Below are some more shots of some of both vendor and show cars.

Ultimately, for Revelocity’s first official show, I would say that it was a success. It had all the typical elements of your casual show, but what I thought was impressive was the variety of makes and models. It’s easy sometimes for a certain style of modification or a single make to dominate a show, but I didn’t catch that feeling at all. It was casual, fun, and another great chance to gather with fellow enthusiasts. 

Words and photos by: Courtney Cutchen 

SoCal Vintage 2014

SoCal Vintage show at Woodley Park in Van Nuys is a show we look forward to all year. 

This show is for classic cars only. It draws a great crowd of people. It is a laid back atmosphere. 

The Park setting is perfect. The layout this year was even better. It's not congested and is spread apart giving ample space for parking and allowing the various photographers space to get pictures. 

The vendors are honestly all our friends and people we do business with all year. It's great to see all of them and even better to see what they have been working on.

The show is set up by True BMW enthusiasts John Barlow IV & Jeff d’Avanzo. We want to personally thank them for yet another great event. We can’t wait for next year. 

For more even info:

Our trip from Sacramento, CA down to LA was great. The only issue we had was a simple Radiator Plug leaking. We releived the pressure, sealed it and headed back out.


Our booth space was awesome. We want to thank everyone that came by. We had products and cars on display

Elefant Supply had a super Clean 2002 swapped with the S14 motor.


2002FAQ 2002 car

Castro Motorsport had some awesome cars in the line up this year. Including our very favorite BMW E9 powered by the S54 Engine. Owned by Josh.

Harouts BMW & MBZ Auto Parts had one sweet E30 M3

Garage-Welt E28 was looking devine- Keep up the good work guys!

Also ran in to our buddy from 2002GarageWerks. We loved how clean the 2002 was. And we especially loved the roof rack. 


Here is some more awesome cars we found at the show

We even had the Host (Mike Brewer) of Wheeler Dealers stop by and filmed some action.

Pictures & Words by: Igor Polishchuk 

Using a Nikon D810 50MM AF-S 1:1.8