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The Art of CarTUNED

Every artist is different. Each has an individual style, their own techniques and processes, and their own special talents. From photography to architecture to pencil sketching, we have a huge appreciation for the arts. 

With this in mind, we decided to interview an artist we found out about rather recently. Peter Gemza, otherwise known as @cartunedpg on Instagram, has been drawing for as long as he can remember. “From napkins to school books, everything was covered in pen and pencil scribbles,” he said. Knowing that he had this interest in art didn’t mean that it was his only hobby, though. For years, he practiced art, but not to a very serious extent--that is, until the start of this year. Back in January, Peter suddenly felt an itch for design again. “I started drawing and designing religiously outside of my day job,” he explained. “Now, I am seriously dedicating time to learning new techniques and rendering software, and I’m having a blast!” 




And that’s what art is really about, isn’t it? The artist enjoying their craft and expressing themselves--which Peter does extremely well. If you are familiar with his work at all, you know that his style is very unique. When I first saw his work, I was charmed. The way he draws cars shows a lot of personality, and really reflects his interests. When I asked what inspired his style, he said, “I’ve always had a love for animation, caricatures, and automobiles, but never tried to combine all of those elements until recently.” One of his biggest inspirations, he told me, was the work of Doug Breuninger, who designs for Galpin Auto Sports. “Ask my wife,” Peter replied, “I’m obsessed with his work.” As an artist, it’s important to have others who you look up to and can learn from, and from the way it sounds, Peter has definitely found those connections. 



If it isn’t obvious already, Peter spends much of his art time rendering automobiles. And when you’re this good at it, why wouldn’t you? If you ask any artist, across any media, it’s likely that each one has a favorite subject to photograph, paint, sculpt, and etc. While cars are his favorite subject, he also busies himself with other things like houses, people, aircrafts, and just about anything else one could suggest! He does take personal commissions, so with that in mind, the possibilities are endless in regards to what people can ask him to design. In addition, he has a job which I could see being very inspirational for his art! “I work for a company that designs and manufactures helicopters; there’s no doubt that I enjoy airplanes and other vehicles,” he explained. 

When your job is to design something as specific as an aircraft, you have to be rather precise with your work. Looking at his art, I would say that he is spot on. To see a full size file of a piece is really something great. The attention to detail in each drawing is beautiful. Everything from the wheels to emblems, and even interiors, is all very elegantly put together. What Peter has a great advantage with is his ability to observe the unique qualities of each car he renders. From Nissan GT-Rs to the Liberty Walk 458, he takes into account all the little details. Our personal favorites of his happen to be the two shown below, but maybe we are a little biased. 




Ultimately, we think Peter has a pretty bright future in his art. A true artist is always practicing and always learning, and while he has a pretty good grip on his own style, he certainly does not demonstrate a “know it all” attitude. If you are an aspiring artist, or simply enjoy art in general, here is what he has to say: “Stay humble and always be a student; know what you’re good at and what you can improve upon.” This is one of the most profound parts of our interview, and it definitely sticks! He also added a couple other bits of advice: “Love what you do, and learn to love what you don’t!” I think this is incredibly important to do. He emphasized that it is important to constantly keep pushing through, even when you feel discouraged. This can apply to more than just art, and is especially relevant to building cars. That said, there is a lesson for all of us in his advice!



If you would like to see more of Peter’s work, please look up his Instagram at username @cartunedpg, and be sure to visit his portfolio at: 


Thanks for reading!


Words by Courtney Cutchen 


A Look at the #12 US RWB Porsche

CAtuned had the honor of being at the Fatlace/Illest Location for the latest USA RWB Porsche Build. 

If you've never seen a RWB Porsche in person, you are missing out. 

Pictures cannot do the car justice. The added wide body, rear spoiler and overall apperience of the car is breathtaking. 



The color is amazing. It changes depending on light from a blue to a violet or purple hue. 



Watching Nakai-San working on this creation was interesting. There wasn't a checklist of items to see. 

But he knew exactly what he was doing without questioning whether or not it would work. It was skill. You either have it or you don't. 

This was a well executed plan in his mind, with time for food, drinks, and smokes. 




Another interesting thing to notice is the lack of stress. It's not uncommon for a build to get out of hand and for tempers to flare. 

This was nothing like that. It was very much a relaxed look, with smiles around and joking constantly. 



The install of the windshield banner was the final touch to highlight the finish of the car.


 It was a total honor to meet Nakai-San. A man of few words. We hope to meet again on a future build. 




Special thanks to: Fatlace/ Illest, RWB Family for letting us experience the build. 

Pictures & Words by: Igor Polishchuk

Posted by Igor Polishchuk



Welcome to the brand new CAtuned blog! 

CAtuned is not just a name for our company, it’s a brand with an incredible amount of work and passion behind it. Back in 2002, owner Igor Polishchuk and his brothers started it as more of a hobby, but success finds you if you continue to work hard at what you love. Ultimately, we find our true love in German engineering. We take pride in working with our customers to build the highest quality cars around. 

That said, we are excited to now bring updates to our customers and followers on a blog platform. This way, we can continue to provide coverage of the shows we attend, the new products we have coming soon, our own personal vehicles, feature work, and much more! Look for our updates weekly, as we have a lot in store. 


Posted by Courtney Cutchen