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Love Story: Bob's 1967 Mercedes Benz 250S

What draws an enthusiast to a certain model or body style? Usually the answer to that question is fairly simple: personal preference. It’s more of a selfish desire, for lack of a better description. It’s the mind saying, “I like this or that.” When an enthusiast acquires a car, it’s because they like it. 


This, however, was not the case for Bob. When he set out in search for that special vehicle, he was not thinking only of himself. As a matter of fact, he was thinking about his girlfriend. He wanted to find the perfect car, which he could use as an accessory to propose to his other half. “I started looking for something old and classy when I proposed to my lady,” he explained. His first lead, a rough around the edges, 1972 Mercedes Benz barnyard find, was close to what he was looking for, but not exactly the image of regality that he had in mind. Regardless of the fact that the car was a bust, he knew from that moment that he had to find another of that exact body style. Luckily, not long after, he spotted another one parked in the driveway of a nearby house. With determination, he approached the owner, and before he knew it, the 1967 250S was his to own. 


It’s easy to see why Bob had fallen in love with the W108 body. His personal favorite features were “the huge grill and the double stacked headlights.” In my opinion, classic Mercedes cars seem more appealing than new age ones, but that may be because I am a sucker for the iconic “governor” style vehicle. In addition, the fact that such an official looking car has been given a twist of stance earns it an A+ mark. I have only been to one or two meets with this car present, but the most popular question I hear about it is, “That’s on bags, right?” 


No, folks. Bob’s Merc is static, which seems to baffle some people. He basically has the best of both worlds, because as low as it is, he still claims that it floats like a Cadillac. Outside of the suspension adjustment, nothing incredibly major has been done to the car. However, all of the work was done here at CAtuned. A full tune up, new motor mounts and tires, as well as a completely redone exhaust and full body detail account for most of this 108’s records. However, Bob does have some ideas for its future. “The next step for this car has always been to transplant a new drivetrain,” he said. “Once that’s underway, airride suspension will be a must.” 


So, there you have it. What started as a proposal accessory will carry on as part of the now married couple’s journey together, and will eventually have some major changes for its image. Bob’s Benz ultimately served its purpose. After all, she did say yes!  



Words and photos by: Courtney Cutchen

CAtuned e28: Part Two

We are seriously nuts when it comes to cars and anything automotive related. So when John B. contacted us about an e28 car just sitting in his backyard, we were more than excited. We were sent photos of it, and right away, we knew we had to save it. What we ended up with was a European spec e28: slick top, manual windows, and a stock M20 2.0 engine with a four speed.  

Okay, so maybe that doesn't get your gears spinning. However, what we have planned for this car is going to be great, and it is definitely a build worth following. If you know CAtuned, you know that we can't leave well enough alone. 

Without further delay, the purpose of this blog entry is to introduce you to the car! From now on, you will be seeing regular updates on Dustin's e28, which will eventually be built up to something very exciting. This project is more of a mission to save a car that otherwise would have continued to rot away. Letting the car sit as a backyard decoration was not something that we were about to let happen. That said, we recommend that you stay tuned in the months to come, as we assure you, this car will be nothing short of awesome. 





If you would like to follow the build to see more photos and written updates, please head over to the

Stance|Works forum, found here:


Posted by: Courtney Cutchen

CAtuned e28: Part One

As most of you already know, CAtuned has been hard at work on one of our most recent projects, a 1988 528e. 

This weekend, we took the time to take some new photos of the car in its current state. It may not be finished yet, but who says you can't simply enjoy what you have each step of the way?

With an S54 swap in the near future, in addition to a beautiful MTech body kit, this car will be sure to turn heads. If you would like to see the details thus far, please visit our build thread on the Stance|Works forum: 


Be sure to head over to to see more photos from this set. Also, stay tuned for updates on our second e28 build (car tonumber two)!



Words and photos by: Courtney Cutchen 

CAtuned Monster Rear End Solution

Ever since the time we did the turbo addition to our already swapped S2002 ca, we had one rear end fail on us after another. 

And then we heard others were having the same issues and more. E21 Rear LSD units are getting harder and harder to find and they are getting more expensive by the day. We were searching around locally & internationally to find a good, practical, long term solution. After months of research, we decided to fabricate a custom solution. 

This is our MadMax solution for the BMW 2002:

  • Modified Subframe to accept any E30 or E28 Medium Case Differential (Differential not included with this setup)
  • Welded on Caster + Camber Adjustments (comes with bolts)
  • Custom Made 4340 Chromoly Axles
  • Comes with E36 Differential Cover (dual ear)
  • Comes with Weldable Bracket for the differntial cover

*Depending on your transmission a Custom Shortened driveline may be required for this conversion due to the size change from the original differential. 4340 has about 0.40% carbon. These amounts of carbon make them heat treatable. 4340 is a very high quality steel capable of very high "quench and temper" heat treatment up to 260,000 psi ultimate tensile strength with very good ductility.

Accepting orders now! We require you to send in your stock subframe for production a substantial deposit. Allow 2-3 weeks for production before shipping. or (916) 481-2312

To Order:



Pictures by: Courtney Cutchen 

Words by: Igor Polishchuk

Fabricated by our Lead Fabricator: MadMax