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Bavarian Restoration

Today we examine a california based company: Bavarian Restoration

If you have a classic BMW or know someone with a 2002, e12, e24, e28, e3, e9, e21, e30 and much more then you know that these models have lot's of instrument cluster problems and issues. Years ago we were using a few other sources for the repair and upgrading of our clusters as well as repairing them in house and could never get them just right. It became a real issue at one point as we ended up spending lots of money and still had issues. That's when we turned to the best and never looked back. 

Bavarian Restoration uses state of the art practices and one of a kind machinery that no one can match. They are also able to calibrate for the correct MPH, Customize colors, install LED lighting and much much more. 

They also calibrate and rebuild loads of AFM units. This is a huge help! Everything comes with warranty and a technical sheet to show data and graphs. Si boards are not left out as well. Loads of info HERE

Here are some amazing examples of what could be done. 



For any Cluster needs, AFM, SI boards, and much more contact


Pictures & Txt via: Denis Podmarkov & Igor Polishchuk

Look Back: CAtuned Open House 2016

We take a look back at our first open house event at our new location. If you didn't come out to our shop on the 30th of January, well this is what you missed out on. We had a lot of great cars show up and a lot of support from the community. From the bottom of our hearts, we want to thank everyone that was there, and helped organize the event. CAtuned will have more open house events in the near future, follow our social media accounts for updates! 


Words/photos: Denis Podmarkov (@_dpod_)









































MORE PHOTOS AT: CAtuned Open House 2016 Album