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Monterey Car Week - Legends of the Autobahn



   Part of Monterey Car Week, Legends of the Autobahn is a must go concoures for any German car enthusiast. Considering that CAtuned specializes in German classics, this is one of our favorite shows of the year. Unfortunately our entire team couldn’t make it this year, so we sent Denis out to the show. He didn’t seem to mad about it.  Celebrating BMWs 100 year anniversary, the spot light was on Bavarian Motor Works.  From new to old, from race car to fully restored, there was something for everyone. We can talk about Legends of the Autobahn all day, but we would rather show you the pictures. Make sure to come out next year!




  photos / words : Denis Podmarkov (@_dpod_)

Ceramic Pro at CAtuned!


Everyone loves a clean car.

Whether it’s new, old, fully restored, or a work in progress, a car is simply nicer to look at and more enjoyable to drive when it's clean. That is why we have decided to expand our services to offer full paint correction that ensures a car’s paint looks as good as new and Ceramic Pro protective coatings to make sure it stays that way. We really cannot over exaggerate Ceramic Pro's ability to preserve your car’s finish both on the outside and the inside – protecting its paint from etching, its trim from fading, the wheels from losing their shine, and the leather from staining. 

What is Ceramic Pro?

It’s a "nano-glass" protective coating for automotive exteriors and interiors that also has a multitude of other applications. It can be applied to a car’s paint, metal, plastic, glass, leather, and textile surfaces. Pretty much anything goes – if it’s on your car it has the potential to be coated and protected. Once that surface is coated it will be preserved, protected, and easy to maintain for the life of the coating. 

Easy to Clean and Maintain

Ceramic Pro is not just a wax or sealant, it offers so much more. Once a surface is coated, it will exhibit super hydrophobic properties. In other words, water will not want to stick to it. What does this mean? Well, for the parts of the car that are coated, they will now exhibit some self-cleaning properties. Yes, you still have to wash your car; however, the self-cleaning ability means water will help lift off dirt from the protected surface. Other substances such as bug guts, bird droppings, and brake dust will be no harder to remove than a gentle wipe with a wash mit and some car soap. 

Preservation and Protection

After the coating is applied, your car will not need any form of wax, spray wax, or sealant for the life of the coating. The coated surfaces will be preserved and their finishes protected. It even works on satin or matte finishes. Ceramic Pro protects these finishes in many ways. It is SGS certified for hardness, meaning fewer scratches to your finish. It is also chemical and UV resistant, so your paint won’t be damaged by harsh elements like bird droppings or acid rain. And your leather or dash won’t fade from the sun. Not only that, but it can withstand temperatures of over 2000°F! This all ensures that whether your car is new or has 50-year-old paint, it will never deteriorate

Packages for Your Car

There are multiple packages available ranging from one year to a lifetime and it’s all backed up by a warranty. The length of the warranty and lifespan of the coating corresponds to how many layers of Ceramic Pro are applied to the vehicle. The more coatings the higher the level of protection and the longer it will last. The 3 main packages are BRONZE (2 year warranty) SILVER (5 year warranty) and GOLD (lifetime warranty). These packages can then be customized to better suit your needs such as adding an interior package or even an extra layer of Ceramic Pro to the bumpers and side skirts. 

Other Services

Don't want your entire car coated? That’s okay. We offer a variety of packages allowing you to customize what gets protected. Just got a fresh set of 3 piece wheels that you don’t want to polish before every show? Just want the interior done? Or maybe just the windshield? Ordered CAtuned coilovers and want them coated before they're even delivered? Got a sweet pair of shoes you want to stay nice? We have you covered. 

The Process 

Prepping the car to be coated can be as simple as a wash and paint decontamination with a clay bar; however, any imperfections in the paint will be sealed in once the car is coated. The only way to fix it is to remove the coating by way of aggressive abrasion, which adds up to a lot of extra work. So we recommend getting paint correction done before getting your car coated. Every car is different and has a different use, so this could range from a simple and quick polish to full on wet sanding to get that immaculate show shine. However, this is not necessary to get your vehicle coated. For example, if this is your off-road vehicle, you may not care about scratches and just are looking to make it easier to clean. In that case, paint correction wouldn’t make sense for you.

After preparing the car, the coating is applied by hand one panel or part at a time. The amount of time it takes to apply the coating depends on the size of the vehicle or complexity of the part. The coating can also be applied with a spray gun, which is useful for coating vehicles such as motorcycles that have lots of hard to reach nooks and crannies. After the coating is applied, it is inspected for imperfections then hardened using infrared heat lamps 


Pricing varies depending on package, size of vehicle, and complexity. For example, an Audi Q7 will be more expensive than an E30 M3 and BBS RSs will be more expensive than a set of Rotiform NUEs. To get a quote, or for more info, email us here: 


WordsColin McCarty ( @coolin_mc )

PhotosDenis Podmarkov ( @_dpod_ )