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Bavarian Restoration

Today we examine a california based company: Bavarian Restoration

If you have a classic BMW or know someone with a 2002, e12, e24, e28, e3, e9, e21, e30 and much more then you know that these models have lot's of instrument cluster problems and issues. Years ago we were using a few other sources for the repair and upgrading of our clusters as well as repairing them in house and could never get them just right. It became a real issue at one point as we ended up spending lots of money and still had issues. That's when we turned to the best and never looked back. 

Bavarian Restoration uses state of the art practices and one of a kind machinery that no one can match. They are also able to calibrate for the correct MPH, Customize colors, install LED lighting and much much more. 

They also calibrate and rebuild loads of AFM units. This is a huge help! Everything comes with warranty and a technical sheet to show data and graphs. Si boards are not left out as well. Loads of info HERE

Here are some amazing examples of what could be done. 



For any Cluster needs, AFM, SI boards, and much more contact


Pictures & Txt via: Denis Podmarkov & Igor Polishchuk

We visit Emory Motorsports

We visit Emory Motorsports to get a first hand look. 

We first found out about Rod on the internet specifically on Instagram: @rodemory 

After we drooled all over our phones for over a year we had to come out and check things out in person. 

Rod Emory and his team of craftsmen are out of this world. We started talking to Rod and it was easy to see he loves what he does. He was able to explain to us the process the cars undergo and what it takes to build a Emory special or the 356 Outlaw. With hammers and machinery going you could see the masterpieces forming. Each build is restored to better-than-factory standards from its metal unibody and exterior to its mechanicals and interior. 

We really could have hung out all day and just talked and talked. 

Be sure to check out the website for more info and the work Rod and his team do at:



Words & Photograpy: Igor P. & Denis Podmarkov

W/ Special thanks to: Rod Emory & Entire team :)

Sacramento Autorama 2016

Sacramento Autorama 2016



Pictures by: Igor Polishchuk

Feb 12th - 14th 

BigEuro 2015 Show

Big Euro 2015

What a show. Huge success. This years event was a huge hit. 

A ton of cars, vendors and more. The show was at least double the size of last year. 

And the cars did not disapoint. Here is a look at what we saw. 



Pictures & words by: Igor Polishchuk