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The Family E28

The Gastelum family has owned the E28 since day one. 

It's been through a lot over the years. But in the last few years it's come around. 

With an awesome color update: Steel Blue Metallic 

All of the mechanics were brought up to new or better. 

The suspension was upgraded to M5 arms, Poly bushings, and CAtuned Coilovers. 

Lot's of subtle Euro touches from front to rear. Interior received a fresh Mtech2 steering wheel and M5 sport seats. 

There is more planned for this car and this is just the beginning. For now enjoy some fresh pics. 

Photos & Words by: Igor Polishchuk

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Purist Group: Sean's 997 and e30 M3

Toward the end of the month of July, I headed down to beautiful Southern California for an annual family vacation. Every year, our destination is the city of Oxnard—which, if you are local to SoCal, you probably know it as “The ‘Nard.” Apparently it isn’t the most desirable vacation spot, but if I can stay in a beautiful hotel right on the beach, I’m perfectly happy.  

For this trip, Igor and I had collaborated so that he would make the trip down to Los Angeles during the same time that my boyfriend Dustin and I would be there. This way, we could plan photoshoots and content for the CAtuned website and blog. Of the few shoots we had planned, one of our goals was to meet up with a good friend, Sean Lee. Many of you may recognize his name if you are familiar with the Purist Group. Sean is an incredibly humble person with a genuine passion for everything automotive. 

When the day came for us to meet up to shoot, Igor, Dustin, and I piled in the CAtuned e28 and MTech e30, and headed to Sean’s “cave”—which is essentially an office and space for Sean to work on the vehicles he stores there. Here, we were introduced to our subjects for the day: a gorgeous E30 M3 and a 2005 Porsche 997 GT3RS. We were also joined by a fellow photographer Brian (@itsjustbrian) for a fun day of photos. Once we had settled on a plan, we all drove out to Sean’s warehouse, where he conducts business for his company, Air Tiger Express. Having an entire warehouse to shoot in was an exciting prospect. The only aspect of the experience that wasn’t so great was the fact that LA was experiencing a severe heat wave. When you combine running around shooting photos with a huge, hot warehouse, with 100+ degrees outside, you get some sweaty photographers and an extreme desire to jump in the ocean.

Out of anyone I have ever met, Sean has to be one of the most colorful and passionate enthusiasts of them all. Just listening to him talk about his history with his cars is an adventure in itself, and you almost find yourself feeling like you were there with him. From his old drifting days to the present, Sean’s words speak volumes in regards to his love for autos. There are some people who radiate happiness when they talk about their passions and hobbies, and to me, those are people you want to surround yourself with. They are people who will teach you important values, and what you learn from them will follow you for the rest of your life. This is the foundation of Purist Group. Enjoy friendship, common interests, and the passion for cars.

The setup for the day varied for shooting cars. Brian first shot Sean’s e30 M3 coupled with Igor’s white MTech e30 (which has now found a new home). I grabbed a few shots as the BMWs had the spotlight.

Once Brian was done with his photos, Sean surprised us by introducing his R35 GTR, sitting on perfectly suited Advan wheels. I tend to find myself liking the classic Skyline bodies more, but every now and then, I find an R35 that really blows me away. Sean’s is one of those GTRs. 

Finally, it was time to shoot the Porsche. I have always found that older cars appeal to me just a slight bit more than newer ones. This counts for their looks, functionality, and nostalgic value. This doesn’t mean that I can’t appreciate a gorgeous, modern car when I see one, though. Sean’s GT3RS is loud, fast, and most importantly, exciting. Putting down 500 horsepower at the wheels, it’s nothing short of a thrill ride. 

There are many elements all around that make the car notable. It sits on simple yet aggressive BBS e88 wheels, and faces out with GMG carbon front fenders. 

The interior was just as beautiful as the exterior. With sturdy feel of the Carrera GT seats, sitting behind the wheel of this beauty just feels right. One element that I loved was the guages. I know, it may seem like an elementary feature to be so attracted to, but capturing the photos of the brightly lit cluster was just so easy. 

Overall, the car is incredibly clean, powerful, and represents the Purist Group name well—all of Sean’s vehicles do. When you truly have drive for your life’s passion, it will show. Sean is a great example of this ambition, and people have definitely noticed. I am humbled that we got the chance to spend the day with him to enjoy his beautiful cars and listen to wonderful stories. 


Words and photos by: Courtney Cutchen

CAtuned e28: Part Two

We are seriously nuts when it comes to cars and anything automotive related. So when John B. contacted us about an e28 car just sitting in his backyard, we were more than excited. We were sent photos of it, and right away, we knew we had to save it. What we ended up with was a European spec e28: slick top, manual windows, and a stock M20 2.0 engine with a four speed.  

Okay, so maybe that doesn't get your gears spinning. However, what we have planned for this car is going to be great, and it is definitely a build worth following. If you know CAtuned, you know that we can't leave well enough alone. 

Without further delay, the purpose of this blog entry is to introduce you to the car! From now on, you will be seeing regular updates on Dustin's e28, which will eventually be built up to something very exciting. This project is more of a mission to save a car that otherwise would have continued to rot away. Letting the car sit as a backyard decoration was not something that we were about to let happen. That said, we recommend that you stay tuned in the months to come, as we assure you, this car will be nothing short of awesome. 





If you would like to follow the build to see more photos and written updates, please head over to the

Stance|Works forum, found here:


Posted by: Courtney Cutchen

CAtuned e28: Part One

As most of you already know, CAtuned has been hard at work on one of our most recent projects, a 1988 528e. 

This weekend, we took the time to take some new photos of the car in its current state. It may not be finished yet, but who says you can't simply enjoy what you have each step of the way?

With an S54 swap in the near future, in addition to a beautiful MTech body kit, this car will be sure to turn heads. If you would like to see the details thus far, please visit our build thread on the Stance|Works forum: 


Be sure to head over to to see more photos from this set. Also, stay tuned for updates on our second e28 build (car tonumber two)!



Words and photos by: Courtney Cutchen