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E30 Picnic 2016

The E30 Picnic is what most car events should aspire to be like. It's more of a leisure social gathering for E30 fanatics than it is an all out concourse or car show. It just so happens there is lush grass to park your 25+ year old BMW coupe on, and everybody around you is equally as obsessed as the next person. At the E30 Picnic, it's possible to see every E30 variant, including a touring, baur, and even a custom pickup. Furthermore, this year's attendance was roughly 200 cars (and yes all were E30s), with some people driving from as far as Nebraska! Needless to say, if you live anywhere in North America and share the same addiction for the E30 chassis, attending this event is a must. 


Photos & txt via: Nick Caron

Nikon D7100 & Nikon 17-55MM f/2.8

IG: @caronn

Bimmerfest 2016

Bimmerfest 2016

W/ all things BMW it was 2 days of awesome. 

Photos via: Igor P.

Luftgekühlt at Modernica 2016

Luftgekühlt at Modernica 2016

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In the Porsche vernacular, Luftgekühlt represents all the air-cooled cars in the the manufacturer’s history, from the Pre-A 356 through the 993 model line, which ended in 1998. More specifically, Luftgekühlt is the brainchild of two-time Le Mans class winner Patrick Long and noted Southern California creative director Howie Idelson. A true Porsche happening.

Luftgekühlt™ is a brand founded initially as a series of automotive-themed events featuring a tightly-curated list of historically significant or interesting cars – both race and street. There's no set formula for our events, but we're excited by cool venues, fun people and creative expression, so you can bet those elements will always be in our recipe. We like coming up with wild ideas that celebrate the passion we have for all things air-cooled, and we love collaborating with likeminded people and brands.


A special Car being a rally-style 911. Auctioned off to benefit the Autumn Leaves Project


 Some more pictures from the event:

Pictures via: Igor Polishchuk


Global Motorsports Group, known as GMG Racing, opened the shop for everyone to see during their annual open house. GMG is a company inspired by racing. Since 2001 they have been focusing on professional racing and servicing those race cars.

The open house showcases projects and customer cars. Walking around the event you will notice that the event is sprinkled with exotics and rare cars throughout history. Classic cars from Audi, BMW, Porsche were all present. It was a lively event with lot's to see and new people to meet. Here is just a few photos from the event. 


Photos via: Denis Podmarkov & Igor Polishchuk

TARGA TROPHY: 5th annual german car festival in San Diego CA

The 5th annual german car fest by Targa Trophy was located at the HRE performance HQ in Vista, CA. This marque location is home for the best socal events. The experience is what makes this event unique than the rest. Music bumping, dozens of venues, food trucks, and hundreds of enthusiasts walking around on the tire marked floors. Everything from e30 M3s, to the massive sea of porsches that HG motorsports brought out. Here are just a few highlights of the event. 


Photos by: Sam Rashty

Equipment: D610 w/ 35MM 

Bimmerfest 2015

This year was my first time attending Bimmerfest. It was the first year since the show had moved to its new location in Fontana, California, and I heard that it was going to be very different from previous years.

The show overall was very fun. I couldn’t help but feel that the vendor/show area seemed very separate from the outer lots, where thousands of other cars were parked throughout the day. I also noticed that inside the vendor section, most of the booth cars were of the F8x chassis. I felt like it was very much a new model M fest! While there’s nothing wrong with that, as I love the F8x as much as the next person, I would have liked to see some more variety in the booths. There were however some exceptions, such as a couple of wide body e92s, some e46s, and a handful of vintage builds. 

Monique's car is one that I've wanted to see for the longest time! It looks good in photos and great in person. 

In all honesty, how cool are these i3s and i8? I wouldn't mind driving the tiny, electric baby brother of the i8 if it were sitting on a nice set of HREs...

I never quite got the story on this rough looking 02 pictured above... I'm willing to bet that it has a pretty interesting history behind it, though!

This RHD e30 touring was definitely something different. I absolutely loved the wheels, and the color really grew on me. Plus, it's a touring, so what's not to love? 

This e46 with ITBs was just so clean, and I loved the way it sits! 

It was good to see a familiar face at the show. This S2002 was at the CAtuned shop previously, where it had tons of custom work done! I'm a huge fan of the two tone paint here.

One of the more exciting areas of the show was actually the track paddocks. Wandering through that area, we found a large number of unique builds. I saw everything from S54 swapped e30s to an LS e36 to the Jennabelle RWB Porsche (which was not expected!). 

This Jager themed track e30 M3 stole my heart. It was by far one of my favorite cars at the show! It made its rounds on the track throughout the day, and it was easy to see that they don't baby the car. 

Unfortunately, I didn’t get the chance to explore the outer lots as much as I would have liked. By the time I made my way in that direction, a number of cars had started to leave the show. I still got to see some beautiful builds though, so I wasn’t too upset! 

My overall impression of the show is that it was definitely much different from its previous rounds. I’ve only ever seen photos from shows in the past, so I can’t give much opinion from personal experience. I’ll likely attend again next year, though, and hope to see even more rad builds then! 


Did you attend this year? If so, what did you think? Let us know!


Photos and words: Courtney Cutchen