BOSCH (i)(is) Late model Fuel Injectors (Brand new) New compatible with m20 M20b25


0 280 150 771, Fuel Injector

This is the newest style M20 injector (single pintle)

Bosch Port Fuel Injector

Port Fuel Injection (PFI) is the world’s most widely used system for internal combustion engines and offers many advantages for engines with a low pressure output.

Features and Benefits:

  • Low-pressure systems are less complex and more affordable than high-pressure systems
  • Robust combustion process tolerates lower-quality fuel
  • Maintenance-friendly design reduces the overhead for system diagnostics

Note this will be a direct replacement for your 30 year old: 0280150715

There is no need to change anything besides the injectors: no wiring changes, no ecu, etc. Direct Plug and play

No core these are Brand new!




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