WBR Ceramic Brake Pads Front Compatible with 328i 318i Z3 Z4 E46 E36


34 11 1 161 437, Brake Pad Set

WBR Semi-Metallic Brake Pads

Dual Technology Metallic (DTM) - High Heat Formulation- 100% Copper Free

The WBR metallic brake pads are specially formulated for vehicles and driving conditions that require maximum friction effectiveness and resistance to brake fade. The advanced 100% Copper Free formulation mitigates wheel dust, brake fade, low speed and high heat squeal, at the same time providing superior stopping power and positive pedal feel.

Every WBR metallic brake pad comes with a platform specific shim and has a burnished contact surface (scorched) to ensure easy break-in and proper long-term functionality.

Advanced Material Platform Specific Brake Pad Shims: To effectively combat brake squeal, WBR utilizes different advanced materials in the shim construction, as well as fastening the shim to the pad with both mechanical tabs and silicone adhesives. This platform specific advanced material shim design is included with every WBR brake pad.

Features and Benefits:

  • Superior Stopping Power for High Heat Applications
  • Brake Fade Resistance
  • Solid Pedal Feel With Smooth Braking Performance
  • Copper Free Formulation - Environmentally Responsible with Reduced Rotor Wear
  • Antimony and Lead Free Material Formulations
  • Advanced Material Platform Specific Shims
  • Scorched for Easy Break In
  • Positive Mold Construction
  • All WBR Pads are 100% Shimmed

WBR - World Brake Resources

With More than 30 years experience working with OEM brake system manufacturers, World brake Resources offers an industry leading brake program with regards to safety, quality, performance and affordability.

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