Stainless Steel Brake Lines (black) compatible with E30

Brake Lines E30

Are your brake lines 20+ Years old?

Soft pedal?

Worried about your brake lines?

This is the answer for you. This is a BMW E30 Kit.

This is a complete kit. 2 Front Brake lines, and 4 rear lines.

Interchange Part Number: 34 32 1 159 890 - FRONT

Interchange Part Number: 34 32 1 159 878 - REAR

Placement on Vehicle: Left, Right, Front, Rear

A large percentage of your brake pedal travel is due to expansion of the hydraulic hoses under pressure. Replacing the rubber flex hoses with our stainless steel reinforced Teflon hoses eliminates this expansion, giving you a firm positive feel of your cars braking system. This set of lines is fully covered with PVC thus give it extra protection, no other brand on the market give you this extra protection.

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