CAtuned driveshaft adapter kit (E30, 96mm-78mm)


CAtuned driveshaft adapter kit

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This adapter kit is designed to make your engine swap easier.  With this adapter kit you can bolt M30, M5X, M6X and other BMW engines and gearbox combinations with the 96mm medium diameter  flex disc/giubo to your standard E30 325i driveshaft with 78mm p.c.d flange.

Machined from 4140 Steel 

Gloss Black Zinc Coated

This saves the hassle and expense of finding an E30 big flex disc driveshaft, or the building of a custom driveshaft.

The adapter is laser cut from high quality, high strength steel.  CNC precision ensures a vibration free drive. After cutting threads the adapter is zinc plated for corrosion resistance.

The supplied bolts are high grade 12.9 class and also zinc plated.

The adapter can handle v8 torque and abusive driving. The kit includes:

-Adapter plate

-3x M12 bolts

-3x M10 bolts



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