CAtuned Master Hose kit Complete Compatible with E36 - RED

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E36 Hose kit Complete / Master

Color: RED

VEHICLE FITMENT/ Compatible with E36 M50, M52, S50, S52 including E36 M52, S52, etc. Also, work in E30 Swap cars (modifications required).

Fitment is dependent on your skill level and on certain components. We can not guarantee that this will work with every type of setup or radiator, tank, etc.

These are OEM fitment! They carry a Limited Lifetime Warranty!

CAtuned Radiator Hose Kit:

Radiator Hose Kits are made with a triple-layer combining high-grade silicone and Dupont Nomex technology to provide efficient heat reduction and increased pressure tolerance.

* Interior Material: Nomex
* Exterior Color: Blue
* Exterior Material: Silicone
* Max Temperature: 330 F

64211394293- Heater Hose

64211394291- Heater Hose

64211394292- Heater Hose

11531703844- Heater valve to heater return line

11531740649- Expansion tank hose

13541703945 - Throttle Body cooling hose

13541703865 - Cylinder head to throttle body cooling hose

17111723521- Expansion tank hose

Add upper and lower hose kit to finish your full engine bay off (select above):

11531708499 - Upper Radiator Hose

11531726344- Lower Radiator Hose

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