CAtuned Monster Rear End Solution

Ever since the time we did the turbo addition to our already swapped S2002 ca, we had one rear end fail on us after another. 

And then we heard others were having the same issues and more. E21 Rear LSD units are getting harder and harder to find and they are getting more expensive by the day. We were searching around locally & internationally to find a good, practical, long term solution. After months of research, we decided to fabricate a custom solution. 

This is our MadMax solution for the BMW 2002:

  • Modified Subframe to accept any E30 or E28 Medium Case Differential (Differential not included with this setup)
  • Welded on Caster + Camber Adjustments (comes with bolts)
  • Custom Made 4340 Chromoly Axles
  • Comes with E36 Differential Cover (dual ear)
  • Comes with Weldable Bracket for the differntial cover

*Depending on your transmission a Custom Shortened driveline may be required for this conversion due to the size change from the original differential. 4340 has about 0.40% carbon. These amounts of carbon make them heat treatable. 4340 is a very high quality steel capable of very high "quench and temper" heat treatment up to 260,000 psi ultimate tensile strength with very good ductility.

Accepting orders now! We require you to send in your stock subframe for production a substantial deposit. Allow 2-3 weeks for production before shipping. or (916) 481-2312

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Pictures by: Courtney Cutchen 

Words by: Igor Polishchuk

Fabricated by our Lead Fabricator: MadMax

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