CAtuned Silicone hose 3.0" I.D. 135 degree - elbow

Manufacturer: CAtuned
Delivery date: 3-5 days

CAtuned Universal 135 degree Hose

135 degree elbow has a 3.0" I.D. (76mm)

Black exterior

Each hose is hand-crafted from multiple layers of silicone rubber with polyester reinforcing fabric between the layers.

The silicone rubber remains flexible and tough from -50° C to +180° C (-58° F to 356° F).

4-ply reinforcement results in a working pressure rating in excess of 26 psi and a 5mm wall thickness (86mm / 3 3/8" OD).

Note: This hose is NOT formulated for use in oil or fuel plumbing applications. It will handle an air-fuel mixture and will survive occasional spills and oil leaks, but it will not stand up to continuous exposure to liquid petroleum.

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