CAtuned Silicone Late Model Cooling Hose kit (Lifetime Warranty) Black compatible with e30 m20 VINTAGE CLOTH

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Silicone Late Model Cooling Hose kit


Awesome replacement option for your Late Model M20 cars.

These are of the highest quality and ment to last years and years.

Due to the nature of the cloth stains can happen if you get coolant or other items on top of the hoses.

6 hoses total

These are OEM fit!

Designed to replace the OEM hoses as a direct fit. Not only are all CAtuned hoses designed to withstand much higher pressures and temperatures than any original equipment hose, they have also been tested to over 50K miles and over 3 year in development. The discreet looking black finish for those looking to create a real ‘factory with attitude’ engine bay. Each kit has been designed and developed in the USA. These hoses not only make a great insurance policy on a standard car, but they’re also an essential upgrade on a remapped or modified machine.

* Interior Material: Nomex
* Exterior Color: Black
* Exterior Material: Silicone
* Max Temperature: 330 F

CAtuned E30 Late M20 Cooling Hose kit catuned

Late Model

Upper Radiator Hose ( 11 53 1 722 218 )

Lower Radiator Hose ( 11 53 1 718 980 )

Thermostat Housing to Waterpump ( 11 53 1 287 651 )

Thermostat to Bypass Pipe ( 11 53 1 718 982 )

Expansion Tank 3 Way Hose ( 11 53 1 722 743 )
1 rear heater hose (no BMW part number)

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