F20C Mount kit for 2002

This is a complete kit for mounting a F20C motor & Trans into a BMW 2002
Manufacturer: CAtuned
Old price: $700.00

You have seen our 2002 with the S2K motor installed and ripping it up.

We have been going over the original design and have updated and upgraded the mounts. They are even better.  With the new mounts you even have room for Turbo or etc. We have over 10K miles on our car with this set-up.

With now over 2 dozen sets sold!

These are made to order so allow from 2 to 4 weeks from time of payment. Mounts will come black. Unless requested in another color.

1) This is what comes in the kit:

mount kit

1) You will also [B]receive technical support[/B] with basic help over the phone. We can't do your install for you across the phone but will answer questions on this or that. Bare in mind you do have to have Automotive knowledge to do this. The front sub frame has to be modified. We can modify it for you if you like us to. The Thermostat housing has to be replaced and rewelded. We can sell you one ready to go. 

Optional items available:
Modified Thermostat housing_ Brand New: $80
EGR Block off plate: $30
AEM EMS2 Stand Alone Management: ~~$1650

outside view

outside view2



Here it is in the car:

With our Version2 mounts you can even run turbo

turbo bay

Engine Bay

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