Front Zimmermann Brake Rotor Coated & Cross Drilled compatible with E36 M3

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These are high Quality Zimmermann Replacement Brake Rotors.


One purchase gets 1 Left & 1 Right Rotor: One Pair
This is a factory Size replacement.

34 11 2 227 171, Brake Disc / Front Left

34 11 2 227 172, Brake Disc / Front Right

These are Coated & Cross Drilled - See picture

Select 34 21 1 161 806, Brake Disc Set Screw if you want a brand new one. They are common to be stripped out. One selection is for a pair of new units.

Otto Zimmermann Cross Drilled Brake Disc (Rotor)

The Zimmermann Coat-Z brake disc provides a protective coating that prevents rust and corrosion, extended rotor life and improved visual appearance.

  • Coat-Z protective anti-corrosion coating
  • Noticeable improvement in the braking power of your vehicle.
  • Prevention of brake fade.
  • Permanent expulsion of brake dust and water.
  • Countersinking of holes doubles up as wear indicator.
  • Excellent deceleration action and no distortion of friction ring at high temperatures
  • Substantial weight saving and therefore less unsprung mass
  • Floating mounting enables radial expansion of the brake disc under relatively heavy loads, thus preventing shielding and increasing resistance to heat cracks
  • Hot spot prevented by optimized design of ventilation channels
  • 1:1 exchange of original disc possible

Material quality / “high carbon” - Zimmermann brake discs are usually made of cast iron (with flake graphite) of different qualities; they correspond to the material used for the original spare parts. Therefore, the utilization of such materials (referred to as "High Carbon” by the competition) has always been a matter of course for Otto Zimmermann.

Heat treatment - Based on the latest developments in the casting technology, the cooling process after moulding is controlled in such a way that the tension relief is already guaranteed from the foundry on. The cost-intensive glowing of the raw or semi-finished parts (>>> slow heating to the annealing temperature, maintaining this temperature for several hours and then slowly re-cooling) can therefore be omitted nowadays.

RUN IN NOTICE - The following run-in notices are recommended to ensure a safe and proper operation of the brake disc / brake pad system:

  • Violent or shock-braking should be avoided during the first 300 km of travel after the change of the brake discs.
  • Through a moderate run-in, a gradual warming of the brake disc is performed without creating a heat shock and the friction surfaces of brake disc and brake pad are aligned to each other.
  • Perform at least 30 brake applications from a medium velocity (approx. 100 km/h) with a moderate deceleration (maximum braking time 3 seconds) down to a velocity of initially 50 km/h, and after about half of the braking cycles were performed down to 25 km/h. Hereby letting the brake disc cool down for approx. 3 min. between the brake cycles through the motion airflow.

If these instructions are not complied with, Zimmermann shall not honor any warranty claims, if this non-compliance causes damage to the product or damages/harm to third parties. Furthermore, a warranty will also not be provided if damages and/or defects occur that are attributable to intensive use and/or individual driving behavior and/or were caused by non-intended use!

Zimmermann GmbH is a global leader in vehicle brake technologies and is an original equipment manufacturer of high quality brake discs and components. Zimmermann products are engineered to OE specifications and are inertia-dynamometer tested to guarantee superior quality.


Otto-Zimmermann warrants this product to be free from defects in material or workmanship in accordance with the following: This limited warranty shall be for a period of 12 months or 12,000 miles (19,300km), whichever occurs first from the date the automotive part is delivered to the final consumer but no later than 6 months after the invoiced date. This limited warranty, however, does not cover any labor costs incurred in diagnosis of defects, removal or reinstallation of a product, nor does cover any consequential damages or expenses.

Specifically excluded from this warranty are failures caused by misuse, negligence, modification, abuse, improper application, installation or operation, or failures caused by unauthorized service or use of unauthorized parts.

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