Gates Racing Belt Compatible with M20


The long awaited GATES Racing Timing Belt is here!

Why risk your engine get the best!

300% stronger than standard timing belts

Timing belts are toothed drive belts that transmit rotational force from the crankshaft to the camshaft. Unlike standard accessory belts, they also synchronize valve opening to firing order and crankshaft angle during combustion strokes.  A broken timing belt can cause catastrophic damage in some engines; periodic belt replacement is recommended to avoid costly repairs.

This blue kevlar timing belt from Gates Performance is constructed of HNBR elastomeric composites.  That being said, they are 300% stronger than the OE belt & deliver up to three times the heat resistance.  Don't take any chances with your engine, replace your timing belt today!

Part # T131RB

BRAND New  1" x 41 3/32" (127 Teeth) - Blue

***Optionaly If you'd want to replace the Tensioner. You may add it to the order and it is recommended to replace during the change.

11 31 1 468 743, Timing Belt Tensioner / OEM BMW Part