Ground Kit (Upgrade Engine Power & Ground) Compatible with E30 M3 S14


Upgrade Engine Power and Ground Kit

Manufactured by: CLASSIC VOLT

Contains the following cables: #2GND10 - Engine ground cable (10 inch) - mounts from oil pan to frame rail on drivers side.

#2GND7 - Alternator ground cable (7 inch) - Replaces existing ground on alternator.

Valve Strap - (8 inch) mounts from valve cover to battery tray on passenger side.

Hood Strap - (6 inch) mounts from radiator support bracket to hood support bracket (either side)

Compatible with the following engines:

This is Compatible with E30 M3 S14 *Engine specific kit

Thicker #2 Cables

  • Considered an "Upgrade" over OEM cables.
  • Increased cross sectional area handles greater current load.
  • Decrease alternator and starter strain by providing higher current flow
  • Increased stability of electrical system
  • Provides faster crank times by allowing the starter to pull more electrical current resulting in reduced engine crank over time!
  • We use ultra flexible, high current welding wire made in America, ASTMB, SAE and National Electric Code certified.
  • Our cables are rated for -58F to 221F.
  • Resists oil, chemicals, water, ozone, and solvents.
  • Our cables are stripped using professional techniques
  • We believe crimping only is sufficient but we solder all connection for extra secure connections.
  • Our cables carry a lifetime workmanship warranty. ¬†Should any of our cables fail, we will replace it free of charge.
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