Humble Beginnings: The Story Behind BimmerHeads

The most common advice that I have heard from friends and family is that you should always follow your dreams. Do what makes you happy, because when you love your work, it really doesn’t feel like work at all. As an artist, this has always carried a heavy significance to me. However, this concept can be applied to just about any interest there is. For Shant and Matt, their company, Bimmerheads, started out as a hobby, but soon grew to become something much more dynamic. 

In October of 2011, the duo sold their first rebuilt cylinder head through the R3VLimited forums. It was initially something for them to test the waters with, but once they sold their first head, they were met with a welcoming demand for more. “At the time, there was no affordable option for people wanting a ported and polished cylinder head,” Shant explained. “I wanted to offer quality work to the BMW community at a reasonable price.” 

Luckily, he had plenty of mechanical experience to appease the need for the product, as he had previously spent roughly four years as a specialist for Ford Model A motors, as well as Ford Flathead V8s. Sure, it wasn’t BMW, but his passion for the make combined with his knowhow set him up for serious success. With Matt there to split the business, the two had a huge opportunity to dive in and let the company grow. 

Bimmerheads, like any other shop, has their specialties. They deal mostly with M20 and M30 heads, and they are able to build anything from bone stock to full race spec. Occasionally, they work with other motors, such as M10s, M42s, and even S14s and S38s. The variety that they are able to provide has landed them great business in the past, and their work can be found on many well known cars, such as the KAmotors M20 turbo build. Even their own cars have gotten the attention they deserve, as Matt’s 2.7L M20 turbo e30 has been seen in publications like Performance BMW and Bimmer Magazine. 

The quality of their work has drawn in many customers, but it’s not just the price that appeals to people. Matt and Shant have a genuine love for BMW and its following. 

I asked Shant what he considered to be the most rewarding aspect of being an enthusiast, and his answer was simple: “It’s all about the community.” He and Matt are both very dedicated to genuinely helping others, and at the end of the day, they aren’t interested in trying to compete for the nonexistent automotive throne. They simply want to build quality components and work with good people. 

Ultimately, Bimmerheads is running strong. Matt handles half of the work, dealing with marketing both cylinder heads and other engine work, shipping, and customer service, while Shant does a large portion of the labor. With a steady balance of both workflow and customers, there is a lot of potential for further growth. The idea is that eventually, Bimmerheads would like to do more work building complete engines, which could open even more doors. This is obviously a huge passion for the two business partners, and when your heart is in your work, it can be nothing short of amazing. 




Contributing cars courtesy of: John Barlow

Words and photos by: Courtney Cutchen

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