Welcome to the brand new CAtuned blog! 

CAtuned is not just a name for our company, it’s a brand with an incredible amount of work and passion behind it. Back in 2002, owner Igor Polishchuk and his brothers started it as more of a hobby, but success finds you if you continue to work hard at what you love. Ultimately, we find our true love in German engineering. We take pride in working with our customers to build the highest quality cars around. 

That said, we are excited to now bring updates to our customers and followers on a blog platform. This way, we can continue to provide coverage of the shows we attend, the new products we have coming soon, our own personal vehicles, feature work, and much more! Look for our updates weekly, as we have a lot in store. 


Posted by Courtney Cutchen


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6/27/2014 8:02 PM
Love your cars. Especially the E30's!!

All the way from Australia
7/14/2014 4:28 PM
Keep of the great work Courtney!!!