MRT roll-center bump steer angle kit Compatible with E36 (none M)

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E36 (None M) roll-center bump steer angle kit

roll-center/bump steer/angle kit for solid E36 control arms with 41mm outer hole diameter

The new revised kits now available!
-30mm roll center correction
-30mm bump steer correction
-30% quicker steering ratio (around 1 less turn on the steering wheel)
-lots of more steering angle
-adjustable Ackermann angle, orginal for street/race, zero for drifting

-fits with orginal tie rods (trimming of the thread required for strut clearance)
-minimum wheel size 15" (370mm inner diameter) on E30 strut, 16" on E36 struts
-steering angle reducers recommended on street/race use
-comes with instructions, mounting hardware and of course MagnusRacingTeam decals
-Control arms and tie rods NOT INCLUDED

Why do you need one?
When lowering your car (BMW E30, E36, E46 etc.) the front end geometry goes wrong. The main purpose of the kit is to correct these issues. The adapter changes the wheel bearing to control arm joint distance by 30mm correcting the roll-center and camber curve, same thing applies to tie rod end which is also moved closer to control arm joint changing the lever ratio giving you quick steering and allowing way more steering angle. The new special feature is Ackermann adjuster, you can insert it either way: remain the orginal angle for street/race or decrease the angle to zero giving you desired handling for drifting and even more angle!

Does it fit my car?
The kit fits E30, E36 and E36 M3 spindles/struts, just mention the struts you have and we will include the right mounting hardware. These won't fit E30 M3 or E30 iX.
Control arm bearing adapter only fits E30 and E36 M3 solid control arms with 41mm diameter outer end hole, not E36 non-M (316i - 328i) control arms! Some aftermarket E36 non-M control arms without the rubber bushing part might have the suitable bore too, but confirm before buying! If you want to use it in your E36 non-M model, one solution is to swap E30 control arms, they have the same geometry.

Is it easy to install?
The kit comes with instructions, if you know how to change a control arm or an outer joint, installing this is not any harder. You'll need a press for removing the old outer joint and pushing the new adapter in. No other special tools needed. If you need any further info please contact us!

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