REAR WINDOW LOUVER Compatible with E30


Makes you stand out of the crowd and adds some unique style to your ride.

Compatible with E30 (sedan and coupe)

Rear Window Louver

Yes, that is right, no more cheap fiberglass copies – you get the real deal. It is light and durable. LIMITED AMOUNT! Comes in a snakeskin glossy black plastic finish. If desired, it can be painted to achieve a more satin black look.

The original 6 slat design that allows the trunk to be opened!

Fits any E30!

Mounts with double sided tape ( Black 3M tape advised ) or black window glue.

Also known as Rear window Louver , Louvre , Jalousie , Heckjalousie , Katzentreppe , Weyer , Auto-Plas , AutoPlas , Auto Plas

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