Skid Plate - Sump Armor Compatible with E34


Product Description

Protect your oil pan with a Red46 Skid Plate
CNC Laser Cut
Stainless Steel
Comes with metric hardware

24V - All 24V Engines with the standard E34 M50 oil pan

You have invested hundreds if not thousands of dollars into the suspension of your BMW. But without a skid plate your oil pan now sits dangerously close to the ground.
A skid plate gives you the piece of mind to drive around at the lowest of ride heights. Not to mention preventing hundreds if not thousands of possible engine damage.

Sump Armor will NOT make your oil pan indestructible. If after installation your Sump Armor is constantly scraping and hitting things during your normal routine, your car is too low! 
Periodically check to make sure that you don't have any rocks or debris between your oil pan and Sump Armor. Even the smallest rock can get shoved into the oil pan during a small impact.
The buyer/installer assumes all responsibility. Due to the varying degrees of abuse and variables involved in protecting an oil pan Red46 makes no guarantees about the safety of your oil pan.
Please see the Terms section
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