SOWO 2015 - Day 1

Southern Worthersee or as most people know it, SoWo, is a VW-Audi show located

in the beautiful town of Helen, GA. Even though it’s targeted towards the VAG

community, it attracts a lot of Euro car enthusiasts. The Bavarian inspired town is

the perfect location for this event. The streets get flooded with German cars and the

whole town is alive with the sound of engines and the smell of burning rubber.

It’s Friday, the day before the main show and everyone’s out. Almost every parking

lot is filled with Euro cars. Walking around you’ll find the burnout area, where that

part of the street is filled with tire marks and smoke. Word on the street has it that

even one of the local officers did a burnout, all in good spirit of course. The town and

the local PD welcome this event, and encourage others to visit.

Today is just a relaxing day and people are getting ready. The car wash was like it’s

own mini show. The line took forever since everyone wants to make sure their car

was spotless. Tomorrow is the main show for the VAG guys while everyone else just

roamed the city and enjoyed their trip.



Photos & Words:  Denis Podmarkov

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