We visit Emory Motorsports

We visit Emory Motorsports to get a first hand look. 

We first found out about Rod on the internet specifically on Instagram: @rodemory 

After we drooled all over our phones for over a year we had to come out and check things out in person. 

Rod Emory and his team of craftsmen are out of this world. We started talking to Rod and it was easy to see he loves what he does. He was able to explain to us the process the cars undergo and what it takes to build a Emory special or the 356 Outlaw. With hammers and machinery going you could see the masterpieces forming. Each build is restored to better-than-factory standards from its metal unibody and exterior to its mechanicals and interior. 

We really could have hung out all day and just talked and talked. 

Be sure to check out the website for more info and the work Rod and his team do at: http://www.emorymotorsports.com/



Words & Photograpy: Igor P. & Denis Podmarkov

W/ Special thanks to: Rod Emory & Entire team :)

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